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Anglo-Indian Entrepreneur Invents Pain Proof Slippers

An Anglo-Indian teenager from Doveton, Madras (locally pronounced as dow tin) invented a new type of slippers that are sturdy enough to take on the scorching summers in Madras – soft, comfortable, and fashionable and most importantly does not inflict pain if beaten with them.

Jeremy re-invented the slipper. After getting whacked multiple times with his mother’s slipper – for various reasons. Jeremy refused to share with us. He set about inventing a slipper that could be worn anywhere, was fashionable, comfortable – but most importantly, not hurt if they were used to beat someone with.

Jeremy worked on these slippers for 3 months and you can buy them at all major malls across South India. It is made of a special material that is patented. It makes the slipper sturdy yet soft. It lasts 6 months longer than any Bata slipper.

We asked a few of the early customers what they thought about it. Anne from Anna Nagar says “I simply love it. They are so comfortable. I used them to climb St. Thomas mount for the feast, I wear them to go to the market – and the strap did not cut yet.

We asked Anne if she had whacked her son with her new slippers and she responded “Yes, I whacked the bugger one day when I sent him to the market to buy some vegetables and he stole some change. The slippers were so soft, he was laughing away…

Jeremy has sold about 10,000 slippers in just 3 months. People are comparing the success of his slippers to that of the Roos’ brand of shoes in the 80s.

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