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Pallavaram Boy Writes “The Art of the Deal”

Art of the Deal

Pallavaram, a small town in South India has drawn the world’s attention. Edwin D’Costa goes to the local St. Thomas High School and appears, on the surface, to be like any other teenager. However, he is the reason behind Pallavaram being in the spotlight.The Art of the Deal is probably one of the most famous books currently. It was written by the current U.S. Presidential candidate and business mogul, Donald Trump. The 1987 book is packed with business advice and has sold over a million copies world wide.

Edwin, however recently published a book by the same title “The Art of the Deal” and has gained mass attention due to social media. The book however is not about business. It is about one of India’s favourite hobbies – kite flying.

Edwin says “I wrote The Art of the Deal so I can share my famous manja secrets and how to put proper deal.” Edwin is a local hero in kite flying and has won many deals. All the local kids flock to him for his secrets.

I got tired of everyone bringing their firkies to me and begging me to teach them how to win deals” said Edwin. “So I wrote the book.

In the book I talk about everything. From the basics (how to pound your own glass piece) to how to tie a susthram and get the perfect top cut and roll.

The book however has drawn the attention of businessmen worldwide who have purchased the book but were confused by the contents.

Matt, a Harvard student said he bought the book but was very confused by terms like “vajaram” and “thethan kottai”. “I was totally expecting to learn the secrets of Trump’s success but was shocked and confused to read almost all the book without any business advice

Edwin on the other hand is enjoying his vast success (mostly from people mistakenly buying the book) and plans to continue writing.

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