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Perambur Boy Opens “Jingbucks” Coffee Shop

Perambur boy Matt, from Foxen Street, plans to open a chain of coffee shops all over India called Jingbucks.

Starbucks complained saying “the name and order of business bears a similar resemblance to Starbucks”. Matt, however argued that jingbucks is much older than Starbucks and is a well known musical style. This style of jingbucks can be traced back to when the Railway Institute first opened its doors and hired its first Anglo-Indian band.

Starbucks has since backed down after a few Foxen street boys showed up with cricket bats at their corporate office.

Matt plans to serve coffee that will remind its customers of home. Nothing fancy. Freshly brewed Narasus will flow all day.

Here’s what you can expect to find on the Jingbucks menu:

  1. Nanas Special – Just black coffee. Drink it like nana did.
  2. Moves Like Jaggery – Black coffee infused with jaggery.


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